With the rapid development of industrial automation, KEYENCE, as the main supplier of sensors and measuring instruments, is constantly developing and manufacturing newer and more reliable products to meet the needs of various manufacturing industries. In addition to high-quality products, KEYENCE sales team with well-trained technology also provides a full range of services, from solving application problems, technical sales support to making rapid response to user requirements. KEYENCE has been committed to supporting the majority of users and helping them become the best in its industry.


Global headquarters: Osaka, Japan

Date of establishment: May 1974

Registered capital: 2451 million RMB (30638 million yen)

2010 Global Sales: US $2281506000

Global workforce: 3150 (March 2011)

Keenss, an extraordinary company, ranks among the '1000 most valuable companies' in business week, and continues to rank ahead of Sony, Honda and other companies in Japan's Nikkei, Tokyo Stock Exchange and news newspaper's 'top 10 Japanese companies.', In 2011, Forbes, a famous American financial magazine, ranked 17th in the list of 'the world's most innovative enterprises'.

Industry: industrial automation industry

Business scope: sensors, measuring instruments, vision systems, PLC, microscope, laser marking machine research, development of analytical instruments