Project management


1 person


6-10k / Mon


College or above culture




28-40 years old

Main responsibilities:

Project management, process management, documentation, project coordination, inter departmental coordination and communication.

Skill requirements:

Business knowledge, mechanical manufacturing, automation industry experience, BD, proficient in English

Basic requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. Good English; Project management experience is preferred (key items);

3. Familiar with automatic machining industry, and have certain sales and promotion experience;

4. More than 3 years management experience in production enterprise; Understand the operation procedure of import and export trade;

5. Skillfully operate office tools; Work carefully, conscientiously, have a sense of responsibility, positive attitude;

Comprehensive requirements:

Cheerful personality, strong communication and coordination ability;

Strong judgment, decision-making, planning and execution ability;

Good communication, coordination, organization and team building skills;

High work enthusiasm, good professional ethics!