Mechanical engineer


2 eprson




Junior college or above




28-40 years old


1. According to the project requirements, the design and scheme of mechanical structure and mechanical parts of non-standard automation equipment are completed.

2. Estimate non-standard design cost and manufacturing cost, and be responsible for selecting purchased components used in equipment selection.

3. Drawing assembly drawing and part drawing of non-standard equipment, and participating in quality tracking in the process of product processing.

4. Cooperate with electrical engineer to complete design and manufacture; Technical guidance, coordination and communication shall be conducted during the commissioning on production site.

Job requirements:

1. The degree of education above the junior college, gender is unlimited, 28-40 years old;

2. At least 5 years experience in independent development of non-standard equipment mechanical design;

3. Familiar with engineering design software;

4. Be able to independently complete the equipment scheme design, detailed design and product drawing;

5. Proficient in pneumatic technology, machining, sheet metal processing, metal materials and heat treatment, non-metallic material characteristics and applications;

6. Understand the structure principle of electrical components, and cooperate with electrical engineers to select the type;

7. Be able to write the overall technical scheme of design project; Good communication and compression ability.

8. Familiar with the scheme making, theoretical calculation, simulation, design and drawing of non-standard equipment and machinery.