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Recently, China robot industry alliance released data, last year, the market share of domestic industrial robots fell to below 27%, down 6 percentage points year on year, the first decline in five years. Since 2013, China has become the largest consumer of industrial robots for five consecutive years. Thanks to strong market demand, the scale of domestic robot industry has maintained a high growth rate of 20% in recent 5 years. Industry experts say that the industry of industrial robots is in the key stage of transformation and upgrading. China should pay attention to improving core key technologies, guide and standardize the development of the industry, and actively layout the next generation robots, so as to win the first chance for the industry to move towards the middle and high end.

The progress is obvious, but the core key technologies are weak, and the industrial application is concentrated on the middle and low end

In 2017, the output of domestic industrial robots reached 131000, an increase of 81% year on year. By the end of 2017, more than 6500 robot related enterprises have been established in China.

In recent years, a series of supporting policies and measures have been issued by governments at all levels in China, and the robot industry has made great progress. Zhaopiccun, an engineer of Tianjin Institute of science, said that the development of China's robot industry is showing a new feature of accelerating the transition to the middle and high-end. It has significantly improved the integration of core parts and systems, and some aspects have reached or exceeded the international level.

But experts in the industry also pointed out that due to the lack of core technologies of key parts such as precision reducer, controller, servo system and high-performance drive, the overall competitiveness of domestic independent brand industrial robots in the international market is not high.

Qudaokui, President of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., said that there is still low-end application phenomenon in China's robot products“ Most domestic robots are applied to low-end fields such as handling and stacking, but the results are not obvious in the fields of multi degree of freedom robots, interactive robots, and fully autonomous mobile robots. '

With the advantages and technology accumulation of first-hand development, abb, ankuan, fanaco and KUKA have occupied a high share of the domestic industrial robot market, especially in the field of high-end industrial robots. The market share of domestic robots only accounts for about 30%, and most of them are mainly assembly and processing. Experts remind that at present, China's robot industry needs to be alert to the low-level repeated construction, blind development of the short-term, some enterprises mainly rely on various government subsidies to survive, this situation needs to change.

At the key turning point of transformation and upgrading, a new generation of robots should be actively arranged

With the deep integration of information technology, especially Internet and artificial intelligence, the robot industry is at the key turning point of transformation and upgrading. In the future, robots will not only be used in manufacturing, but also will gradually enter all aspects of daily life, said qudaokui. At present, traditional industrial robots have entered the era of low added value, and it is urgent to upgrade and replace them.

Many experts in the industry say that in the future, robots will realize a significant transformation from 'machine' to 'robot', and a new generation of robots will be more intelligent, which provides the path for China's robot industry to move to the middle and high end.

'It's like the smartphone surpassing traditional mobile phones. Industrial robots change a new way of playing, and we have a good chance to catch up.' 'Wenzhongmeng, President of the robot, said.

'The development of artificial intelligence technology makes' intelligence + robot 'a new development trend in the industry.' Zhao said that due to the introduction of new technologies, robots can cooperate, collaborate and integrate with people. The new generation robot is also called cooperative robot, which is regarded as an important direction for the future robot upgrading and development by the world.

Because of the ability to graft artificial intelligence technologies such as vision and voice, cooperative robots are also considered as the most realistic path for robots to realize intelligent, which has important application potential in new retail, rehabilitation medical treatment, education and other fields.

'Cooperative robots have only started in recent years, and they are basically at the same level at home and abroad, which provides us with overtaking opportunities.' Wen ZhongMeng believes that China is the largest market for robot applications, which can provide enough application environment to detect and improve product performance, and then transform market advantage into technical and industrial advantages.

Wen said that the government and the market pay attention to the robot industry, which is conducive to the development of the industry, but also need to be rational and objective, rather than blindly supporting. Now, there are many theories and paths for the upgrading and development of various robots, but not all of them can stand the scrutiny. We should focus more on technology itself, market demand oriented and focus on the fields representing the development trend of industry, so that we can take the lead in the upgrading of the new generation of robot industry.

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