Precision welding
Precision welding
Precision welding


The touch screen is used as the man-machine interface of precision welding equipment, which is simple and convenient to operate. The equipment can pre store multiple groups of heating curve parameters to adapt to different welding objects. It can accurately and quickly adjust the heating curve, non-contact welding, isolate the damage of static electricity to components, no welding process contact stress, no welding head wear, especially suitable for automation applications, Reduce maintenance time, short heating time, small thermal impact on components, minimize thermal damage and thermal deformation. It has the functions of recognition, judgment, real-time detection, calculation, automatic programming, welding parameter storage and automatic generation of welding record file.

Application fields:

Microelectronics technology, low voltage electrical appliances, aerospace, laser equipment, medical devices, semiconductor processing equipment, information industry, automobile industry.

Future trends

Guoruntong technology can design, manufacture and integrate various types of special equipment according to different needs of customers. The high-precision welding technology mastered by guoruntong technology will be developed with high precision, high efficiency, modularization, intelligence, flexibility, digitization and humanization in the future to help more production-oriented enterprises build automation and intelligence integrating welding process, automatic control and precision detection.

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